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Liao junlun, chairman of Taizhou KAISUM fitness equipment Co

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Liao junlun, chairman of KAISUM Technology Development Co., Ltd. Founder and chairman of Taizhou Kaisheng fitness equipment Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for the strategic planning and operation management of kaishengda.
Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province in 2012
Executive vice president of Sichuan chamber of Commerce in Taizhou in 2015
2016 Zhejiang science and technology enterprise Taizhou high salary technology enterprise Taizhou science and technology enterprise
In 2017, it is planned to apply for Taizhou science and technology research and development center national high salary technology enterprise

After 20 years of hard work, he became the chairman of a technological enterprise in Taizhou from a small employee of Qianjiang Motorcycle
Poor sleep quality, myopia and other problems are very common nowadays, and one of the main reasons for these problems is overuse of the brain. In addition, with the development of the Internet, more and more people are facing computers all the year round, which brings a lot of health problems to people.
Liao junlun, a native of Sichuan Province, has taken a fancy to this point. In 2009, he established Taizhou Kaisheng fitness equipment Co., Ltd. and developed massage equipment that can relieve head and eye fatigue. According to Liao junlun, the health equipment industry is a growing industry with a bright future.
This field is very small. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, many people advised him to give up and not lose money in it, but Liao junlun never gave up.
What made Liao junlun unexpected was that the more convenient mobile Internet quickly occupied most people's lives. His user base has also expanded from Internet practitioners to more "low headed people".
Liao junlun told reporters that their company made profits in the year of its establishment, with a certain increase in annual sales. At present, the company has dozens of invention patents, which also reflects the importance of scientific and technological innovation.
He said that on the way to start a business, choice is very important. If you make the right choice, you must stick to it.
In this phase, I will tell you the way of Liao junlun, chairman of Taizhou Kaisheng fitness equipment Co., Ltd.


Character card
Liao junlun from Leshan, Sichuan
Chairman of Taizhou Kaisheng fitness equipment Co., Ltd
Executive vice president of Taizhou Sichuan chamber of Commerce
Unwilling to live comfortably, he chose his favorite job
In 1997, Liao junlun, who graduated from Sichuan Machinery Industry School, came to Taizhou by chance and became a design and development employee of Zhejiang Qianjiang Motor Co., Ltd. for more than four years.
At that time, Liao said, his salary was also very good. He was also very proud to work in Qianjiang Motorcycle Company, and he lived a relatively comfortable life in state-owned enterprises.
In more than four years of living in Taizhou, Liao junlun found that Taizhou people have a very high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. No matter how educated they are, several people will start business together. This phenomenon inspired the entrepreneurial enthusiasm that has not been extinguished in his heart.
In 2002, Liao junlun left the company and chose the job he liked.
"At that time, I also knew that it was very difficult to change jobs. If I didn't arm myself well, the possibility of failure would be very high, and I didn't have so much savings to withstand failure." Liao junlun came to a small-scale, do massage chair entrepreneurial company, has been engaged in development and design work.
"At that time, there were many companies to choose, but I still chose health-related companies, because with the development of society and economic prosperity, health will be valued by people." Said Liao junlun.
In the past five years, Liao junlun has learned something that he didn't touch before in this company. "The R & D, prototype and marketing of the products are involved in the whole process. In five years, I have a deeper understanding of health products. " Said Liao junlun.
Liao told reporters that in 2006 or so, his annual salary was about 100000 yuan, which was very good for an ordinary worker at that time.
But then, the small company encountered difficulties in the capital chain, and the company had to close down. As one of the company's core backbones, Liao junlun also lost his job.
Refusing to be invited, he began to choose to start his own business
After losing his job, Liao junlun was very confused in his heart, but his enthusiasm for starting a business never faded.
"At that time, when I was unemployed, many friends knew that there were many companies inviting me, and my annual salary was good, but I refused." Liao junlun said that he has lived in Taizhou for more than ten years and has settled down here. He doesn't want to run around with his family, but he also wants to start a business in the health industry.
In 2007, Liao junlun, who had only 200000 yuan at that time, started his own business, building factories and buying molds.
"At that time, there was very little money, and large projects could not be invested, so we had to choose small projects. At that time, we were interested in two products, eye care instrument and head massager. At that time, only one company in Shenzhen was producing them in China. "
"It's a very small field, it's cold-blooded, and there are very few people who do it, but I think the market prospect is very broad." At that time, it was the era of rapid development of the Internet, which made him stick to it, said Liao.
"At that time, the popularity of desktop computers in the country had been relatively high, and the development of the Internet made white-collar workers, students, administrators, etc. can not do without the help of computers when they work and study." Liao said that long-term use of computers will not cause immediate health problems, but will bring chronic harm.
In 2009, Taizhou Kaisheng fitness equipment Co., Ltd. was officially established.
At that time, it was the rapid development of online shopping platforms that made Liao junlun sell his products online.
"It's hard for small companies to expand their sales online and offline. It's almost impossible for them to have a large number of people to buy." But at that time, there was no eye care instrument in Taobao, which was a new thing. The lack of exposure and trading volume made the company's products not highly concerned.
In the face of this dilemma, Liao junlun found dozens of sellers to push products together, which made the eye care instrument have a special category.
Reporter in Taobao found that input "eye" this keyword, there are eye massage instrument related categories pop up, and a single Kaisheng direct sales shop, monthly sales of nearly 100.
Business needs to be active, and technological innovation will bring new vitality to the enterprise
At first, like many small businesses, Kesheng made a living by imitating others' products and lowering prices. But as more and more people join the industry, by 2012, Liao faced unprecedented pressure.
"At that time, there were two ways to go: one was to win at a low price, but this was certainly not a long-term plan; the other was to innovate in science and technology, but to take a lot of investment risk." Said Liao junlun.
If he wants to have new development, he must innovate. Liao junlun makes a firm decision to take the "intelligent manufacturing" road of scientific and technological innovation, which makes his enterprise glow with new vitality.
"Through the independent research and development of products by senior engineers who have been engaged in massage products industry for many years, we can improve the modernization level of the whole enterprise and reduce costs, and obtain higher quality products at a lower price, so as to get the recognition of consumers. Moreover, in the age of Internet, sales through e-commerce and other platforms are also necessary and important sales channels for enterprises. " Said Liao junlun.
This new orientation and new attempt made Liao junlun taste the sweetness brought by scientific and technological innovation, and the products were loved by many old customers. So, up to now, Kaisheng attaches great importance to patent research and development and product innovation.
Liao junlun told reporters that there are provincial distributors of Kaisheng company in large and medium-sized cities across the country, including remote places such as Tibet and Xinjiang. Not only that, the company's products are also exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States.
Liao said that every year he invests about 10% of his turnover in product research and development. Now, the company has dozens of practical invention patents and appearance patents.
According to Liao junlun, people's knowledge structure is more and more complete, and people are more and more concerned about health. There will be a large market for health products in the future.
Reporter: in the process of entrepreneurship, what is the most important ability?
Liao junlun: study and choice.
When you see an industry, you need to analyze whether there is a real market in the future. After determining the industry you want to enter, you need to spend a few years to learn the relevant professional knowledge of the industry. Only when the quantity reaches a certain foundation, can there be a qualitative leap.
Reporter asked: in the process of entrepreneurship, what spirit is needed most?
Liao junlun: insist.
When others tell you that the industry is not good and advise you to leave the industry, you need to conduct in-depth analysis. If everyone in an industry says yes, there will be a lot of competition in it, and it will be very difficult to enter again, so we should stick to the industry that we think has the ability and market.
Reporter: what are your suggestions for the new generation of entrepreneurs?
Liao junlun: we need the spirit of craftsman. We can't be ambivalent.
To do a thing, we must do it conscientiously, not to say the best, but we must give our best efforts. In addition, we should not be double-minded and have the spirit of craftsmanship.

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