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Fitness knowledge: scalp massage is helpful for health

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          There are many nerve endings on the scalp. Some nerve endings are very close to the brain. The information on the scalp is very easy to enter the brain. Finger massage on the scalp can gently stimulate the nerve endings on the scalp, and enhance the thinking function of the cerebral cortex through nerve reflex. When people encounter some problems and can't think of a good plan, they often use their fingers to scratch the scalp to open their mind and come up with solutions.
          Scratching the head is the simplest scalp massage. Massage the scalp frequently, the working efficiency of cerebral cortex is improved, the process of excitation and inhibition is balanced with each other, the vitality will be enhanced, and the whole body will better adapt to the external environment. The brain is the master of the body. When the function of the brain is enhanced, the function of all organs of the body will be enhanced, and the body will be healthier.
          Secondly, massaging the scalp can stimulate the capillaries on the scalp, make them expand and thicken, have strong blood circulation, and supply more nutrients and oxygen to the brain tissue. If the brain is well nourished, it will be more energetic. The blood circulation of scalp is improved, which is also conducive to the growth and development of hair and prevents hair from falling off and turning white. Old people often massage their scalp, which can prolong their life.
          In addition, there are many acupoints on the scalp, such as Shangxing, Baihui, Qianding, Yuzhen, etc. acupuncture can prevent and treat diseases. Massage these acupoints, although not as strong as acupuncture, but the massage area is large, the action is gentle, and it can also dredge channels and activate collaterals, playing the role of prevention and treatment of neurasthenia, headache, insomnia, Alzheimer's disease, amnesia.
          When massaging, extend the five fingers of the left or right hand, gently massage on the scalp with the fingers, first massage in the front and back directions, then massage in the left and right directions, and finally massage in circles, generally 5-10 minutes, once in the morning and evening every day.
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