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What to pay attention to after sports

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Jogging, fast walking, mountain climbing, swimming, boating, cycling, and aerobics are all aerobic fitness exercises. Its advantage is high security. Although aerobic exercise is safe, you can still get hurt if you don't follow the rules. Therefore, in order to keep fit safely, we should master and understand some problems that should be paid attention to after exercise.
Do not rest immediately after exercise
During strenuous exercise, people's heart rate increases, muscles and capillaries expand, and blood flow accelerates. At the same time, the rhythmic contraction of muscles will squeeze small veins, which will prompt blood to flow back to the heart quickly. At this time, if you stop and rest immediately, the rhythmic contraction of muscles will stop. The large amount of blood that originally flowed into muscles can not flow back to the heart through muscle contraction, resulting in the decrease of blood pressure, temporary cerebral ischemia, resulting in panic, shortness of breath, dizziness, pale complexion or even Huck fainting and other symptoms. Therefore, after strenuous exercise, we should continue to do some small amount of exercise, and stop to rest after breathing and heartbeat are basically normal.
Don't take a bath immediately
After strenuous exercise, in order to keep the body temperature constant, the blood vessels on the skin surface expand, the sweat pores open, and the perspiration increases, so as to facilitate heat dissipation. At this time, if you take a cold water bath, the blood vessels will contract immediately due to sudden stimulation, the resistance of blood circulation will increase, the burden of the heart will increase, and the resistance of the body will decrease, so that people will easily get sick. However, if you take a hot bath, you will continue to increase the blood flow in your skin. Too much blood will flow into your muscles and skin, resulting in a lack of blood supply to your heart and brain. If you are light, you will feel dizzy. If you are heavy, you will collapse into shock, and other chronic diseases will be easily induced. So, after strenuous exercise, you must take a rest and then take a bath.
Don't drink too much after exercise
Some people drink boiled water or other drinks when they are thirsty after exercise, which will aggravate the burden of stomach and intestines, dilute the gastric juice, not only reduce the bactericidal effect of gastric juice, but also hinder the digestion of food, and drinking water too fast will also increase the blood solubility too fast, suddenly increase the burden on the heart, cause the disorder of electrolytes such as potassium and sodium in the body, and even lead to heart failure, depression and abdominal distention Therefore, do not drink too much water or drink cold drinks after exercise, otherwise it will affect the distribution of body temperature and cause cold, abdominal pain or other diseases.
Don't eat a lot of sugar
Some people think it's comfortable to eat sweets or sugar water after strenuous exercise, so they think it's good to eat more sweets after exercise. In fact, eating too much sweets after exercise will cause a lot of consumption of vitamin B1 in the body, and people will feel tired, loss of appetite, etc., which will affect the recovery of physical strength. Therefore, it is best to eat more vegetables, liver, eggs and other foods containing vitamin B1 after vigorous exercise.
Notes after exercise: not drinking to eliminate fatigue
After vigorous exercise, people's body functions will be at a high level. At this time, drinking alcohol will make the body absorb alcohol faster, and the harm to liver, stomach and other organs will be more serious than usual. For a long time, this can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia and other diseases.
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